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History Photo of the Week

Each week, we'll bring you a different History Photo of the Week, brought to you by:

Mrs. Moore's 6th grade class at Ella P. Burr School in Lincoon. The photo was taken by Fred Richards, and was sent to us by Tom Burr Front Row L-R Brenda Rideout, Lorna Trott, Ann Whitney, Pam Lyons, Naomi McDonald, Nadine Knights, Rhonda Trott, Valerie O’Brien, Sherry Vose, Rebecca Goodwin.

Back Row L-R Brent Bailey, Elgin Smart, Lyndon Perry, Lee Reardon, Don Worcester, Dennis Mahan, Jeff Boynington, Ray Graham, Carrol Hurd, Steven Furrow, Fred Dobson, Merle Dill, Bruce Clay, Brad Blake, Tom Burr.

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  • P1010438.JPG
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  • parade.jpg
  • parade2.jpg
  • parade3.jpg
  • parade8.jpg
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