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Emergency preparedness drill in Lincoln on May 20

Penobscot Valley Hospital and Millinocket Regional Hospital are participating in a large scale emergency preparedness drill with other public safety responders on the morning of Saturday, May 20.

This unique training event involves Penobscot Valley Hospital, Millinocket Regional Hospital, Penobscot County Emergency Management Agency, Lincoln Public Safety, Orono Hazmat Unit, Penobscot County Sheriff’s Department, Maine Department of Environmental Protection, Northeastern Maine Regional Resource Center, and fire and ambulance crews from surrounding towns.

The mock accident will be set up near Woodville, exactly at the halfway point between Penobscot Valley Hospital and Millinocket Regional Hospital. The scene will be set up with multiple vehicles, bicyclists and a tanker simulating a collision and hazardous materials spilling from the tanker. Over ten victims will be played by Emergency Medical Services students who will be acting out roles with particular injuries or casualties. Fire crews will work to extricate victims from the wreckage while simultaneously determining the type of hazardous material involved and any safety precautions required.

Surrounding towns will respond to assist on scene and the Orono Hazmat team will be called in to provide decontamination for the victims and containment of the spill from the tanker. Victims will be transported to Penobscot Valley Hospital and Millinocket Regional Hospital for care.

Penobscot Valley Hospital and Millinocket Regional Hospital will be testing our skills in lockdown procedures, decontamination set up and processing, patient triage, coordination of patient care through the healthcare system, communications, resource management, and many other emergency procedures. This drill is one of the largest ever performed in our area and will enhance many skills of our emergency responders and healthcare personnel as we collaborate regionally to provide treatment to the mock victims.

While the public may want to watch the action, we would like to remind you to please remain a safe distance from the scene to allow personnel and equipment plenty of space to perform rescue, decontamination, triage and transportation for care to the hospitals. Media crews are reminded that Penobscot Valley Hospital and Millinocket Regional Hospital are still open for business as usual during this drill and real-world patient care and privacy is of utmost importance. Because of that, we ask that no photographs or video be taken on the premises at Penobscot Valley Hospital or Millinocket Regional Hospital unless you are accompanied by the Public Information Officer. Media: please ask for the Public Information Officer to assist you when you arrive at the hospital.

The public may experience road closures or traffic delays on Route 116 in Woodville during the morning and early afternoon on Saturday, May 20. PVH and MRH will remain open to provide treatment for any people seeking healthcare during this time and will place highest priority on your needs to provide you with the high-quality care you have come to expect and deserve.

The Lincoln region last participated in a mass casualty drill involving a hazardous material spill on Depot Street in May 2014. 

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