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Boy Scout news

Members of Boy Scout Troop 50 have had a very active summer so far. A group of 6 boys and 5 adults took a week long trip on the Allagash starting on June 24th, 16 boys and 3 adults left for Camp Roosevelt on July 2nd for a week and on July 18th, Four of our Scouts left for National Jamboree in West Virginia with a stop at Hershey Park on the way home.
Photos by: Brynn Cote and Dan Aldrich. 



June 30 - The year 2017 has brought much change and insecurity to healthcare, both nationally and statewide. The future is certainly uncertain and even though the legislature has postponed a vote to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, hospitals anticipate additional cuts to reimbursements either way. Additionally, the proposed state budget could lead to other cuts to reimbursement having a negative effect on Penobscot Valley Hospital’s already shrinking revenues. All of these detrimental changes have led to the decision to decrease the workforce at PVH as of July 1.

“We continue to see declining revenues across most service lines, attributable to a declining population, fewer people with commercial insurance, non-expansion of Medicaid, and more people utilizing high-deductible health plans with an inability to afford care,” states PVH Chief Executive Officer Gary Poquette, FACHE. “With these continuous declines, PVH has insufficient revenue to sustain its current cost structure.”

Over the last 12 months, PVH has sustained negative impact to the hospital’s bottom line, including:
· 26% decrease in inpatient revenues,
· 2% decrease in outpatient revenues, and
· 2% increase in deductions from revenue which rose from 37.22% to 39.27%.
PVH is not alone in its financial struggles. The Maine Hospital Association reports that in 2015, nearly half of all Maine hospitals lost money. There have been numerous reports in the media this summer of hospitals in Maine needing to make hard budgetary decisions in order to keep their doors open and continue to provide local care for their communities. These decisions have included reducing hours of service in some departments, and decreasing or eliminating some services altogether to shrink expenses immediately.

These survival tactics are not just confined to Maine. Hospitals and healthcare organizations nationwide are feeling the financial pressures. In the month of May alone, 13 healthcare organizations across the country -- some very large, well-known organizations like Blue Cross and Blue Shield -- laid off over 400 employees.

On Friday, June 30, PVH regrettably reduced its workforce by 5.

“We continue to make tough decisions in order to maintain quality healthcare services for the Lincoln Lakes Region,” adds Poquette. “Our Board and Administration understand that job cuts are very difficult not only for our staff and their families who are affected but to our community as a whole. We must do all that we can at PVH to ensure local healthcare options are available.”

The staffing changes do not include any direct patient care staff members.

Other changes at PVH have included positive news with the addition of gynecology, pediatric dentistry, and orthopedic services which are expected to see continued growth to enhance revenues. PVH has recently signed up with the Veteran’s Affairs as a participant in the Veteran’s Choice Program, allowing more services to be accessed locally by our respected Veterans. PVH has also recommitted to an enhanced culture of Service Excellence and is working to advance communications between departments and with patients.

The two Boards and Leadership Teams of PVH and Health Access Network, our local federally qualified health center, are assessing areas of collaboration to improve coordination of care and delivery for our region. Together we have hosted a legislative forum and visited Maine DHHS to gain legislative support for our region.

In addition to a reduction in force, PVH is taking strategic steps to ensure the continued viability of the hospital. This includes aligning with a strong health system that will help ensure retention of quality health services in this region. PVH recently completed an Opportunity Assessment with Eastern Maine Health Systems and expect to learn the findings of that assessment in early July.

“While it is very difficult to see staff members go, I speak on behalf of the Board in letting the community know we are actively engaged in doing all we can to sustain quality healthcare services for our region,” states Board Chair Phillip Dawson, Jr. “We thank the staff, providers, and leadership for all that you do and for the quality healthcare that you continue to provide for our patients.” 


New sign on I-95

June 15 - Angie Belk, owner of Lincoln's Tim Hortons, had an idea to promote our area as a recreational stop-off from I-95. With the help of State Sen. Rosen and Rep. Hannington , who helped guide the legislation through the Legislature, Belk's idea saw fruition as the sign, pictured here, was erected about two miles south of the Lincoln exit in the northbound lane on I-95 this week. Thank you Angie, for your efforts on behalf of our area of Maine.


Truck driving champions announced

Ron Round, Publicity Officer for the Maine Professional Drivers Association, has announced the winners of the recently held Maine Professional Truck Driving Championships are as follows:

Step Van 1) Scott Wickstrom Fed Ex Express
2) Robert Cochran Fed Ex Express
3) Jeff Thoms Fed Ex Ground
Straight Truck 1) Butch Buzzell Walmart Transportation
2) David Gerding Irving Oil Terminals
3) James Hannigan Pottle's Transportation
3 Axle Van 1) Richard Roghelia Fed Ex Freight
2) Kevin Duran Sr. Hannaford/Delhaize America
3) Tony Saucier Walmart Transportation
4 Axle Van 1) Tony Archambault Walmart Transportation
2) Rick Magnuson Hannaford/ Delhaize America
3) Jesse Moore Old Dominion
5 Axle Van 1) Jack Roussell PAF Transportation
2) James Vatter A. Duie Pyle Inc.
3) Josh White Central Maine Transport
Flatbed 1) Daniel Bell Chapman Trucking
2) Scott Phillips WT Rand Transport LLC
3) Cory York WT Rand Transport LLC
Tanker 1) Ronald Round Pottle's Transportation
2) Alan Grindle Irving Oil Terminals
3) Dave Gagne Walmart Transportation
Sleeper 1) Steven Raymond RF Chamberland Inc.
2) Gregg Wickett Hartt Transportation
3) Bryan Young Walmart Transportation
Twin Trailers 1) Robert Pederson Fed Ex Freight
2) Dave Roberts Walmart Transportation
3) Donald Fortin Sr. Hannaford/ Delhaize America
Special Awards
Grand Champion Jack Roussell PAF Transportation
Rookie of the Year Matthew Conklin J&S Oil
Pre-Trip Inspection Butch Buzzell Walmart Transportation
Written Test Rick Magnuson Hannaford/ Delhaize America
Team Award WT Rand Transport LLC
Winners will represent the state of Maine at the National Truck Driving Championships which will be held
August 9-12 in Orlando, Florida.
P.O. Box 5672 Augusta, Maine 04332-5672 *
Maine Professional Drivers Association
“Committed to Safety, Courtesy, and Professionalism”
Winners of the Future Truckers Competition are as follows:
Straight Truck 1) Eliot Butts Westbrook Regional Vocational School
2) Reggie Johnston Tri-County Technical Center
3) Joshua Perry Tri-County Technical Center
5 Axle Van 1) Chandler Perkins Tri-County Technical Center
2) Joe Austin Northen Penobscot Region 3
3) Matt Bragdon Region 9 School of Applied Technology
Team Award Tri-County Technical Center

Bike rodeo a big success

May 20 - This year's bike rodeo in Veterans Memorial Square in downtown Lincoln was very well attended. The Lincoln police department held the free Bike Safety Rodeo, designed to encourage kids from age 4-10 to ride bikes safely. The rodeo included a helmet check, a bike mechanical check, and the chance to ride in a closed traffic skills course that teaches the rules of the road. Raffles were held for prizes, including bikes for a boy and girl. Students from Mattanawcook Academy were on hand to help the kids. 

For a photo slideshow, CLICK HERE. We also streamed part of the bike rodeo live on Facebook. You can see the video HERE.

Council News

The Lincoln Town Council, on Monday, agreed to spend another $32,960 with an out of town company to promote Lincoln as a tourist destination. Hannington, Trask and Gifford voted no. The vote was 4-3. Rand Advertising LLC, a local company, has been producing videos and other Lincoln area promotional items at NO cost to the taxpayers of Lincoln for years. A representative of Rand Advertising declined comment.

Local businessman Dan Whitney passes away

May 6 - It is with great sadness that we announce that our friend, classmate and long-time customer of Rand Advertising, Daniel Whitney, passed away this morning at a Boston hospital following heart surgery.
The surgery did take place and even though the doctor said it was successful, there was fluid on his lungs that concerned him. His condition didn't improve and his kidneys began to fail.

Lee's business relationship with Danny goes back to the 1970's and the days at WLKN and continued to this day. Connie went to school with Danny.

"I always enjoyed seeing him on my rounds. This is a stunning shock, and I will not soon forget him. He was a great help to me when I first started selling ads in Lincoln way back then. I don't know anyone who had a bad thing to say about Danny. He certainly will be missed.", said Lee.

Please be thinking of your memories of him, and if you want to send a card to Diane, Donna and Darren the address is 211 Crane Pond Drive in Lincoln, 04457.

PHOTO: Dan and his wife Diane in Burlington on July 4, 2011. 

A new moose in town!

April 24 - A new sculpture has arrived in Lincoln! This bronze moose has been installed at Briarwood Motor Inn on West Broadway. We're told that there will be more work done around the sculpture, including some shrubbery. We'll bring you another photo when the landscaping is finished. At some point, the moose might be joined by a black bear.

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