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Winter night-time parking

The Town of Lincoln has announced winter parking regulations. The town ordinance reads as follows:

"From November 1 to April 1 between 12:01 am and 6:00 am all vehicles are prohibited from parking upon any public way in the Town of Lincoln except in cases of emergency. The Police Chief or any police officer may cause any vehicle so parked on any public way to be moved and placed in a suitable parking space off the publc way street, at the expense of the owner of such vehicle, and without the Town or any of its employees being liable for any damage that may be caused by such removal.

Winter night-time parking permits may be issued to tenants of residential apartments located on Main Street between Lake Street and Burton Street where there is no off-street parking with the building. The permit will allow night-time parking in the Veterans Memorial Square, rows 2 and 3 on the side adjacent to Mechanic Street. Any permitted vehicle must be removed by 7:00 am to allow for snow removal. No vehicles will be allowed to park in the front or rear rows of the parking lot. Each apartment will be entitled to no more than two parking permits. Permit holders shall be responsible for moving any snow in and around the permitted vehicle in order to move said vehicle from the parking area.

The Town of Lincoln shall issue a permit for all authorized vehicles. Permits shall be displayed on the rear driver's side window of the vehicle. Any vehicle not displaying a permit shall be subject to removal in accordance with Section 1407.3.7 of this ordinance."

Veterans remembered on Route 2

September 11 - Most of us realize how important the sacrifices of our veterans are to us. We keep the memories in our hearts, and sometimes the names of those who served come up in conversation. We've all seen the statues and memorials with the names of local veterans in town and city parks. Finding a remembrance in an unexpected place is a special experience that makes us pause to think about the vast numbers of people who gave up part of their lives (or even life itself) for the good of us all.

This field of crosses, backed by Armed Services flags with the American flag in the center, is located on Route 2 in Lincoln between Sweet Road and the Chester bridge. A sign placed hear the crosses says, "A Veteran is someone who at one point in their life wrote a blank check made payable to the United States of America in the amount of up to and including their life. That is Honor. We should remember that." We should indeed. 

On Veterans Day and Memorial Day, most of us think of our veterans. This memorial urges us to remember them always.

- Connie Rand

State Rep. Gifford posts near-perfect voting record


- Lee Rand Photo

August 20  – State Rep. Jeff Gifford a third-term legislator from Lincoln, posted an outstanding voting record during the 125th Legislature, voting on 99.7 percent of the 369 roll call votes held in the House.
Rep. Gifford, who serves on the Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry Committee, said that lawmakers faced many tough votes in the 125th, but in the end, the state will be financially stronger and better able to support schools and the safety net for the most vulnerable Maine residents.
“We began this session facing a huge deficit and runaway costs in several major programs,” he said. “We understood that we would have to make tough decisions to pull the state back from the brink of a fiscal cliff. Voting to trim programs isn’t always easy or popular, but in many cases it was necessary to make sure that state government is economically sustainable.”
Rep. Gifford said he is proud of the work that was accomplished, which includes reform of the public pension system, regulatory relief and welfare reform. He noted that pension reform will ensure the system remains solvent while also saving Maine taxpayers more than $3 billion in the next 15 years. Welfare reform will protect Maine’s most vulnerable residents while discouraging able-bodied people from making welfare a way of life.
Tax cuts, he noted, will save Mainers hundreds of millions of dollars. Starting next year, for example, 460,000 working families will see an average income tax decrease of $337. Moreover, state income tax liability will be eliminated for some 70,000 low- and moderate-income residents.
Rep. Gifford added that regulatory reform – a major initiative that drew strong bipartisan support – removed obsolete or needlessly overbearing regulations that impeded economic growth.
“Overall,” he said, “we made the state much more business-friendly to help generate jobs and promote a stronger economy, which will benefit everyone. Much of what we did was aimed at restoring business confidence and a stronger employment base. I’m encouraged that Maine has already moved from 40th to 35th in the CNBC ranking of business-friendly states. We’re on the road to recovery.” 

Springfield Fair shares offered for sale

August 15 - The Springfield Fair first opened in 1851. Over the years, the fair's fortunes have gone up and down. Since Kirk and Kevin Ritchie purchased it in 1991, the Labor Day weekend fair has grown steadily, regaining its stature as a premier family event. It is now owned by Kirk Ritchie and John Krapf. There have been opportunities to sell the fair, but Kirk Ritchie said he was "not comfortable that those people would have continued operating the fair as a fair." He sees the fair as an important regional activity and doesn't want to "see it fall on hard times again."

Kirk owns 65 of the fair's 100 shares, and John owns the remaining 35. Kirk has decided he will offer his shares for sale in order to involve more people in operating the fair. He says, "Most successful fairs are run by a group of people", with the work evenly shared and new ideas implemented. As much as he has enjoyed the fair he feels the time is right to sell his shares, with the fair poised for continued growth. John is not sure if he wishes to sell his interest, but will consider it.

Potential investors can contact Kirk anytime for more information, including a tour of the fairgrounds at 91 Park Street in Springfield. His home phone is 738-2123 and his cell phone is 290-1554.

Lee and I love the Springfield Fair. We designed and maintain the fair's website at, and spend some time each Labor Day weekend photographing the fun for their site. We hope the fair will continue to grow every year, and that crowds of kids young and old will fill the fairgrounds and enjoy traditional goodies, rides and fun events. We'll see you at the fair!

- Connie

P.O.R.R. ATV club dedicates new section of trail

- Lee Rand Photo

August 10 - Several members of the Penobscot Off-Road Riders ATV club, along with various members of the Lincoln area Chamber of Commerce, members of the Lincoln media and Lincoln Town Manager Bill Reed, got together this afternoon to dedicate a new section of trail just off Penobscot Valley Avenue.

This trail will give access to a number of local businesses on West Broadway, and is a welcome addition to the club's area trails. Members thanked the various landowners who are instrumental in making these trails possible. An impromptu "news conference" then took place. Some of the question and answer session can be viewed below in our video recorded at the dedication this afternoon.

New sign at Prince Thomas Park

Lincoln's new "Business Friendly" sign dedicated

Left to right: LP&T HR administrator Kelly Eager, Chamber Treasurer Bruce Barker, Jr., Chamber Director Merri-Lee West, Chamber President Cheryl Russell, Chamber Executive Director Traci Gauthier, Assessor Ruth Birtz, Town Manager William Reed, Airport Manager/Public Works Director David Lloyd, James Vose.

July 24 - Lincoln is one of only two towns north of Augusta to be certified by the State of Maine as a business friendly community. Signs announcing this honor are being placed, with the first one on West Broadway near the Lincoln Lakes Region Chamber of Commerce office. Today Chamber and Town officials gathered to dedicate this sign. We're proud of our town, and hope this designation will help attract more businesses to locate here.

Below is a brief video of remarks made by Lincoln Town Manager Bill Reed. Reaches 7,000,000th Visitor!!

July 18 - Connie and I are extremely pleased to announce that sometime this afternoon we had our 7 millionth visitor to the Lincoln, Maine, area website. This is another of several milestones we've passed since the website went online 6 years ago. The companion Facebook page is the most popular of its type north of Bangor with 3,560+ "likes", and the Smartphone and iPad apps are being downloaded all over the country and the world!

We want to thank all of the local businesses who've shared our vision and support this website through their advertising. Also, we'd like to thank the many visitors who've actually made personal donations in support of this website.

We plan to continue providing the Lincoln area with a professional, informative, and interesting presence on the internet - one that the people of our area of Maine can be proud of!
THANK YOU to every one of you who have helped make the success it is!

Lee & Connie Rand
Rand Advertising LLC

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