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The ice is out!

April 23, 2017 - The calendar said spring arrived some time ago, but the real sign of spring around here is when the ice goes out. Late tonight, Mattanawcook Pond was officially ice-free. Get out there and enjoy some quality time on the water! Is your boat, canoe or kayak ready to go? How about your fishing gear? Swimming may have to wait awhile . . .

Lincoln Student Selected for Legislative Memorial Scholarship

Harley Rogers of Lincoln has been selected as the 2017 Legislative Memorial Scholarship recipient from Penobscot County.
Established in 1995, Legislative Memorial Scholarships are awarded each year to one student from each county in memory of those who have served in the Maine Legislature. Funds for the scholarships are primarily raised through an annual Scholarship Auction held in Augusta. Since the inception, a total of $276,000 has been awarded to Maine residents attending post-secondary schools in Maine.
“I was glad to have the opportunity to congratulate Harley in Augusta,” said Senator Kimberley Rosen (R-Hancock). “The process to receive a scholarship through this program is quite challenging. The fact that Harley was chosen as the recipient for Penobscot County is a great accomplishment of which she should be very proud.”

Scholarship Opportunity for Non-Traditional Healthcare Students

The Penobscot Valley Hospital Auxiliary will be awarding a scholarship to a non-traditional student pursuing a healthcare-related degree. Any student who has been out of high school for more than one year and is returning to pursue a degree is considered a non-traditional student. The PVH Auxiliary Scholarship provides college tuition assistance for adults who may not have access to other scholarships. Applications may be found at the PVH website You may also pick up an application at the PVH Patient Registration desk in Lincoln. Hurry, the deadline to apply is May 30, 2017.

Train derailment in Lincoln

April 7 - A fright train jumped the track in Lincoln around midday. No injuries were reported, but railroad crews had their work cut out for them getting these cars back on the track. The photo was taken from Depot Street.

High school consolidation meeting

Lincoln Economic Development Committee Public Meeting
Saturday, April 8, 9:00-Noon (or so)
Gillmor's Restaurant on West Broadway
Information will be provided by Dr. Keith Laser, Superintendent of RSU 67.
The State of Maine will build ONE Comprehensive (including Career Technology Education), Regional High School, with grades 9-16 ( including on-campus presence by UMO and EEMC) somewhere in the State of Maine over the next 5-6 years. This 80-100 million dollar state-of-the-art school will be paid for entirely by State. Several school districts in the Lincoln region have expressed interest in joining with RSU 67 to apply to receive this school in our area. The deadline for the first 'statement of interest' in the school is May 1.
Dr. Keith Laser, RSU 67 Superintendent, will provide information about this project and take an unlimited number of questions from those of us present at this public meeting. Guests from neighboring communities will probably join us for this session. We'll try to have time for friendly discussion.
Members of regional School Boards and Town Councils are especially encouraged to attend.
As always, coffee, juice, and delicious pastries will be provided.
Please encourage friends (and enemies) who should have an interest in the future of education in Lincoln and this region to attend.
I apologize for the short notice for this event: events have simply happened too quickly to act otherwise.
Bill Davis, chairman
Lincoln Economic Development Committee


MA musicians honored at State Jazz Festival

Reilly Hesseltine, MA band director Trevor Marcho and Gabrielle Kyes are pictured at the Maine State Jazz Festival at Nokomis Regional High School on Saturday, March 18. Reilly and Gabrielle each earned one of five Outstanding Musicianship Awards, and the band earned a Bronze Award, and was the 3rd highest scoring band in their division. Each of the MA soloists earned the highest rating for their solos as well.

Congratulations to Mr. Marcho and all the musicians!

Telling Your Story

You heard Young People in Recovery tell their stories of overcoming substance use disorder. Now they're coming back to help you tell yours. Save a Life is hosting an evening about the power of language. Learn how to honestly talk about your journey to sobriety in ways that emphasize experience, strength, and hope.

"Recovery Messaging" is geared to individuals who are in recovery, to their family and friends, to educators, and anyone interested in supporting people overcome substance use disorders. This free, interactive workshop will be held on Tuesday, March 21, from 6-8 p.m. at Mattanawcook Academy's library.

Tina, a dynamic, engaging Christian parent who knows what is like to have a loved one with substance use disorder will bring her message of HOPE, Hold On Pain Ends, to the United Methodist churches in Lincoln (11 a.m.), Danforth (2 p.m.), and Vanceboro (4:30 p.m.) on Sunday, March 19.

For more information about these events or about local resources and events check out,, or call Cheryl at 794-8443. 

Partnering for a Sustainable Future in Healthcare

Penobscot Valley Hospital (PVH) and Health Access Network (HAN) are pleased to announce collaboration efforts through a $30,000 Maine Health Access Fund (MeHAF) planning grant. The focus of the grant work is to alleviate and avert the threatened loss of local services and access to care due to a significant downturn in the local economy. The group aims to strengthen the rural healthcare system as a whole.

Members of the planning network include: Penobscot Valley Hospital, Health Access Network, Veterans’ Affairs-Lincoln Community-Based Outpatient Clinic, Lincoln Economic Development Committee and the Save-a-Life Substance Abuse Committee.

The steering committee includes the organizations' CEOs, 2 board members, 4 senior leadership members, VA representatives and members from the participating committees. The goal of the project is to strategically research, review and develop evidence-based models of rural clinical, operational, and/or organizational integration to advance and strengthen the rural healthcare system in northern Maine.

MeHAF grant outcomes include:
1. Analyze different levels of integration
2. Develop viable models for an integrated rural delivery system
3. Improve coordination of care, including with our area veterans
4. Create transition plans to continue to address the community’s healthcare needs

“This grant work comes at a key time for Penobscot Valley Hospital,” states Penobscot Valley Hospital CEO Gary R. Poquette, FACHE. “To combat years of financial losses, our board, leadership and staff have been working for the last two years to redesign healthcare delivery in our community. While change can be difficult, it is necessary in these current economic times. Often times, it can bring about positive change as we have recently seen the addition of new services to meet the needs of our community in orthopedics, pediatric dentistry and gynecology.”

Three key strategies Penobscot Valley Hospital leadership have focused efforts on throughout 2016 include:
1. Revenue enhancement and expense reduction – PVH is working to analyze all services to ensure revenue exceeds cost. As demand changes, shifting from inpatient services to outpatient care, PVH is making those necessary adjustments to remain financially viable.
2. Explore viable models of Critical Access Hospital (PVH) and Federally Qualified Health Center (HAN) integration – site visits to three locations in Maine and Vermont have been made to gather integrative approaches including financial, legal and consultative advice.
3. Evaluate the feasibility of affiliation – the Board of Directors has been working to establish framework and guidelines if Penobscot Valley Hospital were to affiliate with a larger tertiary care hospital. Starting this month, representatives serving as ambassadors from PVH and HAN Boards, PVH and HAN medical staff and leadership will be visiting the three tertiary systems in Maine: MaineHealth in Portland, Central Maine Healthcare in Lewiston, and Eastern Maine Healthcare Systems in Brewer. They plan to discuss how past partnerships have looked between tertiaries and Critical Access Hospitals, and what opportunities and improvements might arise for the Lincoln Lakes Region if PVH were to seek a healthcare partner down the road.

“Health Access Network, Penobscot Valley Hospital and the VA share many of the same patients,” states Health Access Network CEO Bill Diggins, RN. “In February, I visited the Lincoln Town Council to discuss the financial struggles in healthcare. Add to that Lincoln’s struggling economic climate and changes at the state and federal levels for reimbursement, and it culminates with a need to assess opportunities for HAN and PVH to remain financially viable. Our mission states that we aim to make a real difference in the health of our community, and we cannot do that without combined efforts from our hospital, VA, and community members.”

While it will be a considerable task, Penobscot Valley Hospital, Health Access Network, Veterans’ Affairs, Lincoln Economic Development Committee and Save-a-Life committee members look forward to collaborating with the community throughout this grant process to redesign the delivery of healthcare to meet the needs of the Lincoln Lakes Region for years to come. 


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