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Lincoln area Christmas 2011 page dedicated to George Worcester

November 21 - Christmas is a time of year when children of all ages remember the Christ child born 2,000 years ago. And, they look forward with anticipation to Christmas morning to see what Santa has brought them for being such good boys and girls throughout the past year. Christmastime is also a time of joy and fun as our thoughts also turn to sugarplum fairies, snowmen, candy canes and the overall excitement of the events leading up to the BIG day. And, Santa Claus!

Since the mid-1980's there has been one individual in the Lincoln area who truly epitomized the "spirit" of Santa Claus and Christmas for young and old alike - George Worcester. Over the years I've photographed George hundreds of times as he brought joy and wonderment to thousands of area children each December. My favorite is one taken several years ago, which is featured here. For those of you who are not from this area, you can read all about "Santa Claus" in a story we did when we first started they Lincoln, Maine, area web site by CLICKING HERE.

George passed away this fall. Although her wasn't the "real" Santa Claus, there certainly was something real about his portrayal of the legend that made some wonder and he will be missed each year as the leaves turn to brown and the ground turns to white. He loved children, as does Santa, and his devotion to the holiday and to the youngsters of our area will not soon be forgotten. With that in mind, Connie and I happily (and merrily) dedicate this year's Christmas page on the Lincoln area web site to his memory. Yes, kids, there really is a Santa Claus, and many of us were honored to have caught a glimpse of him in George Worcester!


- Lee Rand

Veterans Day Ceremony

A Veterans Day ceremony will be held at Veterans Memorial Park on Goding Avenue in Lincoln (near Hannaford) at 11 am on Friday, November 11 to honor those who have served our country. Please be there!

Lincoln's WWI Doughboy Statue

The World War 1 "Doughboy" statue is one of two war memorials in downtown Lincoln. The other being the Stinchfield Civil War statue at the intersection of Main Street and Lee Road. Though it's been moved 90 degrees from its original location, and turned around to discourage teenage "cruising" a number of years ago, the "doughboy" is one of Lincoln's most recognizable landmarks.

Ground for the monument was broken on November 15th, 1926 on what was called then "Hay Scales Lot". Over 200 school children and many citizens of the town participated, accorded to Dr. Fellows' "History of Lincoln". Evidently it didn't take long to construct the monument, because that next spring, May 29th to be exact, the town held a Memorial Day service and dedication at the monument that afternoon. Maine's Governor Ralph Brewster was on hand to give the dedication speech. The Hon. William T. Gardiner presented the monument to the town, and it was unveiled by Lincoln area Civil War veterans. The 5th Infantry Band played music, there were prayers and speeches, and a benediction was given by a Rev. Mullin. How many people attended the ceremony is not recorded, but we can assume many if not most area citizens attended, as was the custom back then for these types of things.

And since another world-wide conflict was not anticipated, it was simply called the World War Memorial. Today, it is more commonly called the "doughboy" statue after the nickname given to American soldiers in World War 1. It now faces out West Broadway instead of toward Main Street.

Every spring flowers are planted around the monument, and throughout the year tourists can be seen, mainly in the summer months, taking photographs of this picturesque landmark. During election years political signs spring up and are usually taken quickly off the small plot of land out of consideration for what the monument stands for. "To the dead a tribute, To the living a memory, To posterity a token of devotion to the Flag of their Country." Out of respect, it is not to be used for any other purpose, and, for the most part it isn't.

Lincoln is one of the few towns in Maine that actually has a WW1 monument. We do not have a monument specifically related to any other wars our nation has been involved in. The latest war memorial was erected in 2006 and dedicated on August 27th of that year. It honors veterans of several conflicts and is located off of Goding Avenue. It's called the Lincoln Veteran's War Memorial.

So, there you have a brief history of the statue most of you who live in Lincoln, Maine see every day. To discover and explore more of Lincoln's rich and interesting history, I encourage you to visit the Lincoln Historical Society's museum located on West Broadway almost across the street from Lincoln's "Little Red School House" in School House Park.

- Lee Rand 

Footnote: ERNEST MOORE ("DICK") VIQUESNEYAugust 5th, 1876 - October 4, 1946




UPDATE: August 14 - Ron Round of Enfield placed 32nd in a class of 49 5-axle tractor trailer drivers at the ATA National Truck Driving Championships in Orlando, Florida this past week. The competition was held from Wednesday to Saturday, with 428 state champions participating. Those drivers were the best of 4,936 state-level competitors.

The drivers in the national contest have driven a total of 582,659,745 accident-free miles! The championships have been called the "Superbowl of Safety".  Ron said another Maine driver, Rick Magnuson, who drives for Hannaford out of Portland, placed third in the flatbed class at the national event. Rick was grand champion at the Maine state competition.

Since Ron has won the state contest two years in a row in the 5-axle class, he is not eligible to compete in that class for two years. He's not giving up, though. He told your Lincoln website that he thinks he will compete in the 4-axle tractor-trailer class next year. Safe driving, Ron! We're inspired by your safe driving record and your competitive spirit, as well as your expertise behind the wheel. We hope to hear from you again next year.


May 22 - We see trucks of all kinds on the road every day, from small vans to oversize flatbeds loaded with heavy equipment. Driving these vehicles takes a special set of skills, and professional truck drivers are held to high standards. One of the best lives right here in this area!

Ron Round of Enfield has been driving for a long time, having spent 11 years working for Sheridan Smith in Chester moving heavy equipment and nearly 12 years driving for Pottle's Transportation in Bangor. He now drives a 5-axle Freightliner van, mostly in Maine with a few trips out of state. Ron has earned a dozen trophies in competitions at the state and national levels, including Maine Motor Transport Association Driver of the Month for the second time last January.
In 2010, Ron placed first at the state level in the Maine Professional Truck Driving Championships. He received fourth place honors in the national competition that year. Again this year, he won first place in the Maine championships, earning the right to represent the state in Orlando, FL in August in the American Trucking Associations National Championship for 2011. 
There are three parts to the competitions - a written test, a pre-trip truck inspection to check for defects planted in a truck, and an obstacle course to test the driver's skills. The Maine contest is held at Dysart's Truck Stop in Hermon. Drivers are eligible to compete if they have not had an accident for a year. There are nine classes for drivers of various kinds of trucks, and normally the Maine competition draws more than 70 drivers. This year there were 54 drivers competing on May 14 for top state honors. 
Ron said the written test covers such topics as history of the industry, safetly, handling of hazardous materials, fire prevention and first aid. He placed first in the written test. Drivers are given eight minutes to complete the pre-trip inspection, where they must discover any defects on the truck. The driving test requires maneuvering around six different obstacles. Points are awarded for each phase of the competition. Each obstacle is worth 50 points. Ron's total score was 294, which put him about 20 points ahead of his closest competitor in his class. Five Pottle's drivers competed altogether, and they placed third as a team.
Besides being in the running for a national ATA championship again this year, Ron is also one of twelve finalists for Truckload Carriers Association Driver of the Year. The top three will be announced in December or January, and the winner of the award will be announced in Orlando.
Ron has driven nearly 900,000 accident-free miles for Pottle's, and more than a million and a half miles without an accident in his career. We at your Lincoln area website congratulate him on winning the state championship for the second year in a row, and want to wish him well at the national ATA championships.
- Connie Rand 


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