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Healthy Me participants drop nearly 100 lbs

Twenty-three participants began their journey to wellness through Penobscot Valley Hospital’s Healthy Me program in May. Over the course of the five-week program, participants lost an average of five pounds each. They also received healthy eating advice from registered dietitian Mark Robinson and safe exercise methods from physical therapist Jen Cowing.

One participant exclaimed, “This class is a lifesaver!”

Hospital staff couldn’t agree more.

According to the 2016 Maine Shared Community Health Needs Assessment, obesity and physical activity/nutrition are two of the top five health issues in Penobscot County. Penobscot County Data reports undesirable figures:
- 36.7% of adults are overweight (Maine average is 36%)
- 32.4% of adults are obese (ME avg. is 28.9%)
- coronary heart disease mortality per 100,000 people is 105.5 (ME avg. is 89.8)
- heart attack mortality is 41.9 per 100,000 people (ME avg. is 32.2)
- diabetes mortality 26.4 per 100,000 is (ME avg. is 20.8)

“Our hope is to have a positive impact on the Healthy Me participants who will take these healthy lifestyle habits and healthy recipes back to their family and friends. The long-term goal of the Healthy Me program is to see improvements in the Penobscot County data at our next community health needs assessment in 2019,” states Kristie Libby, PVH director of marketing and development. “Creating healthy habits can have positive effects that start from within and radiate through the community.”

In addition to 23 Healthy Me participants, 100 pedometers were given out to the community and nearly 60 people participated in the month long challenge to walk 10,000 steps per day. The hospital randomly drew Samuel Hitchings as the winner of the 1-year membership to the PVH Community Fitness Center.

The hospital would like to thank Jen and Mark for volunteering their time to organize and teach the Healthy Me program, and other staff members and volunteers who assisted: registered nurses Kara Peters and Monica Vanadestine, doctor of physical therapy Martine LeGassey, occupational therapist Mike Butterfield, and volunteers Ann Clifford and Kristie Libby. And a special thank you goes out to all of the Healthy Me participants for making a positive change and setting life-long healthy habits.

PVH plans to have another Healthy Me session in the fall. In the meantime, follow the PVH Rehab & Wellness Center Facebook page for healthy tips, and consider joining the PVH Community Fitness Center for a great air-conditioned space to work out.  

Physical therapist Jen Cowing (left) and the staff of the PVH Rehab & Wellness Center would like to congratulate Samuel Hitchings, winner of our 1-year PVH gym membership. Sam, along with 58 other community members, joined PVH through the month of May in counting and recording our steps working toward a goal of increasing physical activity.

Election Results

Unofficial Lincoln Town Office Voting Results:

100 yes

474 no. 

RSU Budget vote in Lincoln:

Yes: 376 
No: 192 
Blank: 4

MA seniors are honored at Class Night

Mattanawcook Academy was the setting Friday night, June 10 for Class Night, the first event of graduation weekend.  Members of the Class of 2016 gathered to hear from fellow classmates and to be recognized for academic and athletic achievement.  The evening began with a welcome from Henry Pietras, principal.  The class officers are Vice President Michelle Porter, Secretary Mazie Palmer, Treasurer Abigail Morrison and President Nathaniel Rockwell who led the Flag Salute.    This year’s Class Marshall is Jeffrey Garfield. The Mattanawcook Academy Jazz Band performed a song chosen by the seniors.

Harley Rogers and Michelle Porter shared the Class History using music and slides of seniors as children and other photos throughout their four years of high school.  The senior Class Will was read by Nathaniel Rockwell and Jaclyn Rideout and the Class Prophecy was presented by Laci Hanington and Keegan Farrington.  

Coaches at M.A. selected students to receive two awards: Athletic Sportsmanship to Laci Hanington and Gunner Maxwell; and All Round Athlete to Cheyanne Libby.      

The Activities Awards, given to a senior girl and boy who have demonstrated outstanding contributions to activities over a four-year period, were awarded to Harley Rogers and Nathaniel Rockwell. Camryn Lyons and Nathaniel Rockwell were selected for the School Spirit Award.

The Senior Class selected Harley Rogers and Connor Hines to receive the Best All Around and Outstanding Senior Awards.

Receiving Perfect Attendance Awards for all four years of high school were Cheyanne Libby, Abigail Morrison, Albert Schultz, and Joshua Wortman.

Receiving the DAR Award for service, leadership, and patriotism was Harley Rogers.  

The Top 4 Ranking Seniors were recognized.   Elliott Sibley, Valedictorian;  Ali Hardy, Salutatorian; Abigail Morrison, 1st Honor Essayist and Elise Arnold,   2nd Honor Essayist.        

The Academic All Purpose Award, selected by the faculty and awarded to a member of the graduating class who best approaches the overall objectives of education at Mattanawcook Academy was presented to Elliott Sibley.

MA graduation exercises held

Graduation Exercises at Mattanawcook Academy were held on Sunday, June 12, 2016 at 5:30 p.m.  Over 850 friends and family members of the Class of 2016 attended the ceremony that featured a welcome by Keith S. Laser, Superintendent, music by the Mattanawcook Academy Band, Honor Essays, the awarding of scholarships, and the presentation of diplomas.  The Valedictory address was presented by Elliott Sibley, Salutatory address was presented by Ali Hardy, First Honor Essayist was given by Abigail Morrison, and the Second Honor Essayist was given by Elise Arnold.   Representative Sheldon Hanington presented legislative sentiments to our top two students of the Class of 2016 Elliott Sibley and Ali Hardy.  Seventy-two students received diplomas that were presented by Dianne Buck, School Board Chair, Keith Laser, Superintendent and Henry Pietras, Principal.

Scholarships were awarded to the following students:

American Legion Community Scholarships – Ali Hardy and Connor Hines  

Ammadamast Grange Scholarship – Michelle Porter

Avon D. Flanders Auxiliary Post #1438 Scholarship – Alexander Warner

Avon D. Flanders Scholarship Post #1438 Scholarship – Bonnie Kafka

Berlin City Motor Scholarship – Elliott Sibley

Beta Gamma Rebecca Ireland Memorial Scholarships – Gunner Maxwell, Maranda McAlpine, Keirsten Robinson

David I. BosseVocational Scholarships – Cheyanne Libby and Samuel Neil   

Lawrence and Anita Bouchard Memorial Scholarship – Elliott Sibley

Floyd F. and June F. Burrill Memorial Scholarships – Elise Arnold, Zoe Barker, Shayna Chandler, Keegan Farrington, Ali Hardy, Connor Hines, Indigo House, Bonnie Kafka, Keirsten Robinson, Nathaniel Rockwell, Elliott Sibley, Alexander Warner, Shawn Yusko

Dr. Wilfred I. and Elizabeth M. Butterfield Memorial Scholarship –Harley Rogers

Charles M. Casey Memorial Scholarship – Laci Hanington

Class of 2016 Scholarship – Albert Schultz

Charles W. and Adella D. Clay Memorial Scholarship – Laci Hanington

Sherry Clay Memorial Scholarship – Shayna Chandler   

Wilber S. and Letitia S. Clay Memorial Scholarship –Meghan Sibley 

Darren Clement Memorial Scholarship – Jacob McNeal 

Cole-Whitney Ford, Thornton Brothers, Clay GMC Scholarship – Jacob McNeal

Drinkwater Family Scholarships – Whitney Hafford, Ali Hardy, Keirsten Robinson, Nicholas Thornton

Early College for ME Scholarships – Emily Buckner, Travis Cropley, Paige Hesseltine, Camryn Lyons, Maranda McAlpine, Jordanna Sprague, Shawn Yusko

David Edgecomb Memorial Scholarship - Gunner Maxwell

Richard E. and Marguerite S. Flanders Scholarship – Harley Rogers

William T. and Gail M. Gardner Memorial Scholarships – Mackenzie Lee, Camryn Lyons, Gunner Maxwell, Lucas Stanley

Gary Gordon Memorial Scholarship – Keirsten Robinson

Grand Knights Scholarship – MacKenzie Levesque

The Greater Lincoln Marine Corps League Detachment # 976 Scholarship -  Elliott Sibley 

Mary and J. Francis Grindell Scholarship – Albert Schultz

Austin Ham Memorial Scholarship – Meghan Sibley

Dr. Thomas S. Heal and Evelyn M. Heal Memorial Scholarship – Abigail Morrison

Horeb Lodge #93 Scholarship –Vanessa Twombly   

Dr. and Mrs. George W. House Scholarship – Laura Jordan

Milton T. and Vera C. James Memorial Scholarship – Tysen Libby

Douglas E. and Barbara Jordan Kneeland Scholarship – Danielle Macalino

Katahdin Federal Credit Union Scholarship – Harley Rogers

Knights of Columbus Scholarships – Ali Hardy and  Maranda McAlpine

Knights of Columbus Council #680 Millinocket Scholarship – MacKenzie Levesque

Lincoln Historical Society Scholarships -  Vanessa Twombly and Tyla Worster

Lincoln Maine Federal Credit Union Scholarships– Keegan Farrington and Laci Hanington   

Lincoln Snowhounds Snowmobile Club Scholarship – Travis Cropley       

Greg Lucas Memorial Scholarship – Jacob McNeal

Abbott S. and Ruth C. Ludden Memorial Scholarship – Paige Hesseltine

Billy D. Markie Memorial Scholarship – Zoe Barker and Michelle Porter

Richard McKechnie, Jr. Memorial Scholarship – Elliott Sibley

M.A. Alumni Scholarship – Victoria Jordan

M. A. Staff Scholarships – Paige Hesseltine, Vanessa Twombly

M.A. Student Council Scholarship – Harley Rogers

Mattawamkeag Community Pride Scholarships – Emma Libbey and Samuel Neil

Mattawamkeag Tuesday Club Scholarships– Shayla Labossiere, Jacob McNeal, Samuel Neil, Jaclyn Rideout

Sandra Richards Tuesday Club Memorial Scholarship – Emma Libbey

The MELMAC Education Foundation Scholarship – Shayla Labossiere

Senator George J. Mitchell Scholarship – Abigail Morrison

National Honor Society Scholarships – Elise Arnold, Keegan Farrington, Laci Hanington, Ali Hardy, Abigail Morrison, Harley Rogers, Elliott Sibley

Carrie Neal Memorial Scholarship – Paige Hesseltine

Northern Penobscot Tech Region 3 Scholarships – Whitney Hafford and Maci Pond

Northern Penobscot Tech Region 3 Adult Education Scholarships – Shayna Chandler, Emily Hammond, Bonnie Kafka, Shayla Labossiere

Northern Penobscot Tech Region 3 Automotive Scholarship – Jacob McNeal

Northern Penobscot Tech Region 3 Construction Tech/Cabinetmaking Scholarship – Albert Schultz

Northern Penobscot Tech Region 3 Director’s Scholarship – Arron Rideout

Northern Penobscot Tech Region 3 Health Science Careers Scholarship – Courtney Lujan

Northern Penobscot Tech Region 3 Jobs for Maine Graduates Scholarship – Maranda McAlpine

Northern Penobscot Tech Region 3 Technical Honor Society Scholarships – Cheyanne Libby and  Jordanna Sprague

Northern Penobscot Tech Region 3 Welding Scholarships – Travis Cropley and Nicholas Thornton

Brandon T. Pelkey Memorial Scholarship – Indigo House

Nicole Phinney Memorial Scholarship -  Elise Arnold 

Pickering Family Academic Scholarship – Maci Pond

Pinkham-Merrill-Richardson Scholarships -  Laura Jordan, MacKenzie Levesque, Tysen Libby,   Albert Schultz, Mazie Palmer, Maci Pond, Jaclyn Rideout, Meghan Sibley, Tyler Worster

Betty Ramsay McEwen Memorial Scholarship – Laci Hanington

James Ramsay Memorial Scholarship – Jaclyn Rideout

Joanne Ramsay Memorial Scholarship – Keegan Farrington 

R.S.U. No. 67 Athletic Booster Club Scholarships – Whitney Hafford, Cheyanne Libby, Gunner Maxwell, Nathaniel Rockwell         

R.S.U. No. 67 Board of Directors/Superintendent Scholarship – Nathaniel Rockwell

R.S.U. No. 67 Memorial Scholarship – Mazie Palmer

R.S.U. No. 67 Music Boosters Club Scholarships- Elise Arnold, Ali Hardy, Abigail Morrison, Michelle Porter, Harley Rogers, Vanessa Twombly

Edward and Francis Richard Memorial Scholarship – Emma Libbey

Jared Rideout Memorial Scholarships – Michelle Porter and Blaine Weatherbee

Springfield Fair Association Scholarship – Edwin Ritchie

David F. Stevens Memorial Scholarship – Parker Gardner 

Sonia A. Stewart Memorial Scholarship – Shayla Labossiere

John Theriault Memorial Scholarship – Jordanna Sprague

Albert H. and Lois A. Thomas Memorial Scholarships – Connor Hines and Nathaniel Rockwell

Tri-M National Music Honor Society Scholarships – Liana Dudley Holland, Abigail Morrison, Harley Rogers

Walter E. Webster Memorial Scholarship – Elise Arnold

William Welch, Jr. Memorial Scholarship – Elliott Sibley

George Burland Whittier and Villa Reed Whittier Scholarship – Nathaniel Rockwell 

Donald G. Worcester Sr. Memorial Scholarship –Kayla Smith

2016 Memorial Day Ceremonies

May 30 - Lincoln's annual Memorial Day ceremonies took place today, beginning with a wreath being laid at Veterans Memorial Park on Goding Avenue. From there, a parade marched along West Broadway to the bridge over Mattanawcook Stream, where a wreath was dropped into the water. The parade proceeded to Veterans Memorial Square on Main Street, where another wreath was laid at the veterans monument. At each location, speeches were given concerning the high cost of freedom, and remembering the sacrifices made through the years by all those who have served our country. The honor guard fired salutes, and prayers were offered. The weather was beautiful, and people gathered to pay their respects to the fallen, to the veterans who returned home after their service, and to those who serve today.

On every ordinary day, when you get up and follow your daily routine, remember those who made your life as a free person possible. Thank a service member or a veteran every chance you get! For a photo slideshow, CLICK HERE.

Mattanawcook Academy honor parts named

Mattanawcook Academy Principal Henry Pietras recently announced the top four honor parts for the graduating class of 2016. Elliott Sibley and Ali Hardy are Valedictorian and Salutatorian, respectively. Also named were first honor essayist, Abigail Morrison and second honor essayist Elise Arnold.

Elliott Sibley is the son of Lynette and John Krapf of Springfield and Robert Sibley of Lincoln. Elliott received the Maine Principals’ Award in recognition of his academic achievement and citizenship. Throughout his years at Mattanawcook Academy, Elliott has chosen the most rigorous and challenging course of study. Elliott has earned the Phi Beta Kappa award, Outstanding Academic Achievement in Pre-Calculus, Chemistry, Algebra 2, AP History and the all-academic awards. Elliott also has attended Boys State, is on the math team, is an executive committee member in NHS, volunteers at the local library and is a varsity golfer and a member of the 2015 State Champions’ golf team. Elliott also is in the First Tee program which teaches children how to play golf. Elliott works weekends at Pat’s Pizza and his hobbies include playing golf and reading. Elliott has enrolled at Maine Maritime Academy in the fall and will major in the Marine Engineering Technologies program.

Ali Hardy is the daughter of Tim and Lois Hardy of Lincoln. While at Mattanawcook Academy, Ali has been very active in school life. She has been President of the National Honor Society, President of her Senior Class for three years, Vice President of the Tri-M Music Honor Society, a participant in Girls’ State, a member of the Maine Youth Leadership program, and was a Peer Mentor. Ali was also the English Award winner her freshman year, the Girls’ State Essay winner, and has received high honors. In addition to her academics, Ali has also participated in athletics as a member of the soccer and tennis teams all four years, as well as the track and ski teams. Her hobbies include reading and tennis. Ali plans to attend the University of Maine at Orono in the fall as she was accepted into the Medical and Laboratory Sciences Program.

Abigail Morrison is the daughter of Adam and Ann Morrison of Lincoln. Abby is a member of the National Honor Society, is historian for the Tri-M Honor Society and is treasurer of her class. She also has played in the band and jazz band for four years and is a member of the “Bleacher Creatures” which play at sporting events. Abby plays tennis and soccer and was part of the Every 15 Minutes program. Abby has received the Woman’s Society of Engineering award, the coaches’ award in tennis, and was named PVC First Team Doubles in Tennis in 2015. Abby has volunteered for the Town of Lincoln Rec Department and was chosen to serve as Junior Town Counselor. Abby will be attending Husson University in the fall as an Undeclared Major.

Elise Arnold is the daughter of Bruce and Marie Arnold of Lincoln. Elise has been accepted into the nursing program at the University of Maine at Fort Kent and plans to attend this fall. Throughout Elise’s high school years, she has participated in National Honor Society, Tri-M Music Honor Society where she holds the position of secretary, jazz band, fall cheering, indoor and outdoor track, and youth group. She has also earned honor roll distinction all four years in high school. Elise attended Girls’ State her junior year where she was elected into the House of Representatives. In addition to her studies, Elise has many hobbies including sports and dance.

MA Academic Awards Night

On Thursday, May 12, 2016 Mattanawcook Academy students, teachers, staff and administrators presented a spring showcase. All classrooms for all students were open throughout the building, and the teachers were on hand to answer questions and to show off student’s work. Several projects were displayed throughout the building. Delicious desserts were prepared by the M.A. Culinary Hearts students.

Following the showcase an Academic Recognition Awards Night was held with over 250 in attendance. Our cafeteria was decorated with beautiful spring flowers provided by Porter’s Greenhouse. The Mistress of Ceremonies was Ali Hardy, President of the National Honor Society.

National Honor Society Recognition
President Ali Hardy, Secretary Laci Hanington, Treasurer Keegan Farrington, Executive Committee Harley Rogers, Elliott Sibley, Jeffrey Garfield, Gabrielle Tilton and members Christopher Anderson, Elise Arnold, Ava Broderick, Meagan Butler, Liana Dudley Holland, Courtney Gordon,Jordan Hanscom, Paige Hesseltine, Reilly Hesseltine, Gabrielle Kyes, MacKenzie Lee, Camryn Lyons, Bryson Martinez, Abigail Morrison, Samuel Neil, Keirsten Robinson, Nathaniel Rockwell, Meghan Sibley, Carter Ward and Ms. Sarah Krause, Advisor.

Department Academic Excellence Awards:
Art Awards presented by Ms. Holly Leighton
Art 4 – Monette Kierstead
Art 3 – Lauren Ray
Art 1 – Sarah Hannington, Natalie McCarthy
University of Maine /Art in the Heart Exhibit – Lanita Briggs, Ali Hardy, Monette Kierstead

VFW Patriotism Art Poster Contest Awards presented by President Elizabeth Inzema of the VFW Auxiliary Post 1605 Burlington
M.A. – 1st Tressa Libby, 2nd Natalie McCarthy, 3rd Taylor Dicker
Tressa Libby placed 3rd out of all of the schools in the area

English Award presented by Mr. Raymond Tilton
Liana Dudley Holland

Life Management Skills Awards presented by Ms. Lisa Kites
Child Development – Emma Libbey
Life Management Skills – McKenzie Lee, Camryn Lyons, Lauren Tenney

Mathematics Department Awards presented by Ms. Sarah Krause
Financial Algebra – Indigo House
Algebra 1 – Sedona Lesso, Kathryn Libby
Algebra 2 – Kalista Severence
Geometry Honors – Lynn Dwelley, Duncan McIntyre
Pre-calculus Honors– Christopher Anderson, Jeffrey Garfield, Gabrielle Tilton, Carter Ward
AP Calculus – Abigail Morrison, Jaclyn Rideout, Elliott Sibley
AP Statistics – Jeffrey Garfield

Mathematics Team
3 years of membership Christopher Anderson, Elliott Sibley, Gabrielle Tilton
2 years of membership – Natalie Beyenberg, Jeffrey Garfield, Duncan McIntyre
1 year of membership – Tyler Arnold, Emily Buckner, Garrett Caruso, Lynn Dwelley, Keegan Farrington, Ainsley Hainer, Reilly Hesseltine, Lucian Tibbetts

Society of Women Engineers Award – presented every year to the junior girl who has shown excellence in science, mathematics and engineering – Courtney Gordon

Science Awards presented by Mr. Zachary Arnold and Mr. Marshall Haas
Earth and Space Science – Natalie McCarthy
Physics –Paige Hesseltine

Social Studies Awards presented by Mr. Leif Ericksson and Mr. P. J. Stanley
Civics – Courtney Gordon, David Susen
History 101 – Jeffrey Garfield
Global Studies Honors – Abigail Morrison
Global Studies – Jaclyn Rideout
Julius Caesar (Outstanding Academic Achievement) – Nicholas Ireland
Augustus Caesar (Best Critical Thinker) – Bailey Markie
Prefectus Fabrum (Best Projects) – Natalie Beyenberg

Williams Book Award presented by Ms. Andrea Smith
Gabrielle Tilton
Phi Beta Kappa Recognition Award presented by Ms. Andrea Smith
Jeffrey Garfield

The following awards were presented by Mr. Henry Pietras:
MPA Principal’s Award Recognition
Elliott Sibley
Ella Somerville Foster Fund School Award (Highest ranking student in school year 2015-2016) – Elliott Sibley

Mr. Henry Pietras, Principal and Mr. Ryan Crane, Assistant Principal presented Academic Achievement Awards – (Honor roll for the first semester in school year 2015/2016.

First Time Certificates –Tyler Arnold, Hannah Baker, Aubrey Bowers, Lanita Briggs, Alex Brown, Hannah Bubar, Emily Buckner, Lanita Briggs, Alex Brown, Garrett Caruso, Siarra Chabot, Shane Chase, Travis Cropley, Taylor Dicker, Keegan Dill, Ryan Drinkwater, Lynn Dwelley, Tiffany Dyer, John Farrington, Shae Grant, Emily Gray, Ainsley Hainer, Logan Ham, Sarah Hanington, Katrina Haskell, Scott Jipson, Sydney Jones, Delany Kneeland, Robert Lancaster, Sedona Lesso, Devin Littlefield, Gunner Maxwell, Maranda McAlpine, Natalie McCarthy, Zachary McIntyre, Briana Michaud, Lauren Morrison, Kyleigh Oliver, Mazie Palmer, Lauren Ray, Robert Reynolds, Kalista Severance, Albert Schultz, Aligail Slauenwhite, Elyssia Smith, Cayden Spencer-Thompson, David Susen, Kourtney Thurlow, Lucien Tibbetts, Natalie Tilton, Emily Tolman, Katelyn Tolman, Shaelynn Trott, Mark Twombly, Ashlee Villalpando, Harleigh Weston, Jasmine White, Max Woodman, Taylor Wotton

Second Time Letter Awards – Corbett Arnold, Zoe Barker, Morgan Beaulieu, Natalie Beyenberg, Zachariah Booker, Shayna Chandler, Liana Dudley Holland, Shania England, Koby Farrington, Whitney Hafford, Makenna Hanson, Indigo House, Nicholas Ireland, Cameron Johnstone, Saige Lakeman, Bailey Markie, Devin Maynard, Duncan McIntyre, Maci-Lynn McReavy, Tyler McReavy, Sydney Morrison, Carmen Ocana, Meagan OConnor, Megan Porter, Lyla Priest, Logan Thompson, Vanessa Twombly, Alexander Warner, Myka Wotton, Matthew Young,

Third Time Lamp of Knowledge Pins: Christopher Anderson, Ava Broderick, Marly Bubar, Meagan Butler, Jeffrey Garfield, Courtney Gordon, Justin Gray, Jordan Hanscom, Laura Jordan, Bonnie Kafka, Courtney Kimball, Gabrielle Kyes, Shayla Labossiere. Mackenzie Lee, Mackenzie Levesque, Emma Libbey, Bryson Martinez, Samuel Neil, Gabrielle Tilton, Carter Ward

Fourth Time Plaque to: Elise Arnold, Laci Hanington, Ali Hardy, Paige Hesseltine, Cheyanne Libby, Camryn Lyons, Abigail Morrison, Jaclyn Rideout, Nathaniel Rockwell, Harley Rogers, Elliott Sibley, Meghan Sibley, Joshua Wortman

At the end of the evening a drawing for (4) $50.00 Gift Cards were awarded to Robert Reynolds, Shane Chase, Tyler Arnold and Megan Sibley. 

Credit Union donates equipment to Region 3 PROSTART program

May 11 - The NPT Region III Culinary Arts PROSTART Team members for 2016 (left to right) Kiara Michaud, Sarah Greaton, Shelby Powers, Nikkol Mulligan, Alexandria Clark proudly display some of their cooking equipment and recent competition trophies. Lincoln Maine Federal Credit Union donated the equipment to the program to help them prepare for their National competition, and the group wanted to show their thanks.

Representing LMFCU is Executive Vice President Ryan Reed. Senior member Lexi Clark has this to say “The Credit Union’s donations and support was so amazing, they are all so awesome and we definitely appreciate their generosity so much! All of the equipment we purchased will help future teams to produce more of the delicious plates year after year! This is a start of an great partnership with the Credit Union and NPT Region III. Thanks again Lincoln Maine Federal Credit Union!”

The PROSTART team finished 11th in the nation in their recent competition!

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