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Lee & Connie - "Thanks for all you do for local sports - been a pleasure coaching at PVHS and enjoyed seeing the photos of the kids." - Coach Jamie Russell


"Thank you for the great pics! its hard as a parent to watch the game and take photos at the same your camera is so much better than mine! lol...keep up the good work, love the basketball pics!" - Diane Hartford, Lincoln, ME, vis Facebook

CLICK HERE for Heal point standings.

Sports Scoreboard



5/20 MA Baseball Lee Academy 20-2
5/19 MA Softball Stearns 12-3
5/19 PVHS Baseball Penquis 8-1
5/13 PVHS Softball Piscataquis 5-0
Watch this scoreboard for all the local high school sports scores!


Team Overall Team Overall Team Overall
Baseball 10-2 Baseball 7-3 Baseball 3-8


Softball 11-0 Softball 0-10

CLICK HERE for Heal point standings.

MPA classification changes

MPA proposed changes in boys' and girls' basketball, Oceanside of Rockland-Thomaston and Waterville would shift from Class A North to Class B North while Central of Corinth, Houlton and Mattanawcook Academy of Lincoln would move from Class B North to Class C North and Schenck of East Millinocket would go from Class C North to Class D North. These changes, and others, have to be ratified April 27th.

Cousins from Lincoln qualify for Nationals

Cousins Tia Tardy and Cayden Spencer-Thompson of Lincoln, Maine took home the gold at the Maine USATF Championship meet on Sunday. Cayden's jump of 46'31/4" in the triple is a Maine All-Time #2 leap and ranks him high school sophomore US #2. Tia's 2:53.49 1000m run is Maine All-Time #1 and is a US #16 best. Both Cayden and Tia have qualified to compete at the elite level in their events next month at the New Balance Indoor Nationals in New York.

PVHS, MA do well at state cheering championships

February 11 - At the state cheering championships in Augusta, in Class D PVHS came in second, and in Class C MA was seventh. Congratulations everyone!

Cayden Spencer-Thompson takes 3rd place at Harvard

Sophomore Cayden Spencer-Thompson of Mattanawcook Academy jumped to a USATF New England Championship third place finish today at Harvard University. Athletes from Harvard, Brown, Dartmouth, Boston College, Navy, UMass Lowell and several other Universities competed in this Championship Meet. Cayden's leap of 44-05.50 places him #5 Maine All-Time and qualifies Cayden for the 2017 New Balance Indoor National Championship meet in March. 

MA sophomore competes at Dartmouth

January 11 - Sophomore Cayden Spencer-Thompson of Mattanawcook Academy recently competed at the Dartmouth Relays Collegiate and Open meet on Sunday January 8th at Dartmouth College. Cayden finished third overall in the triple jump with a Maine High School state leading 43' 10" jump. Cayden was the only high school athlete in the event. Congratulations Cayden! Dartmouth College won the meet. Eight other universities competed, including UMass Lowell, The University of Montreal, Franklin Pierce, Keen State and Boston College. (Photo courtesy of Paul Nantkes)

MA Cheerleaders

January 6 - We were pleased to take a photo of the MA cheerleaders at tonight's basketball game! For a high-resolution copy of this photo, CLICK HERE!

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