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Lee & Connie - "Thanks for all you do for local sports - been a pleasure coaching at PVHS and enjoyed seeing the photos of the kids." - Coach Jamie Russell


"Thank you for the great pics! its hard as a parent to watch the game and take photos at the same your camera is so much better than mine! lol...keep up the good work, love the basketball pics!" - Diane Hartford, Lincoln, ME, vis Facebook

CLICK HERE for Heal point standings.

Tia Tardy in first win of the year

Tia Tardy (file photo from Tia's days at MA)

University Park, PA - Tia Tardy is a freshman at Bucknell University. Tia earned a big victory in the 800 meters at Penn State's Nittany Lion Challenge, against some of the top teams on the east coast. Her winning time was 2:14.73. The second place finisher was 34 one-hundreths of a second behind her. Congratulations to Tia from her hometown, Lincoln, Maine!

MA girls lose to Dexter

January 12 - The Lady Lynx hosted the Dexter Tigers tonight at the MA gym. MA fought hard, but trailed the Tigers throughout the game. At the end of the first quarter, the score was MA 7, Dexter 13, and at the half Dexter led 26-13. After three, Dexter kept the lead 40-17, and the final score was Dexter 48, MA 32. Natalie Tilton was high scorer for the Lacy Lynx with 11 points and 13 rebounds. Katie Tolman added 7 points for MA. For a photo slideshow, CLICK HERE.

Lynx prevail over Minutemen

January 12 - The Stearns Minutemen traveled to MA tonight and couldn't keep up with the Lynx. MA led at the end of the first quarter 16-9, and at the half 37-21. By the end of the third quarter, MA was still out in front 57-34, and the final score was MA 75, Stearns 47. Logan Thompson was high scorer for the Lynx with 19, with Cayden Spencer-Thompson adding 14, and Corbett Arnold 13. For a photo slideshow, CLICK HERE.

Sports Scoreboard



1/15 MA Girls' Basketball PCHS 29-45
1/15 MA Boys' Basketball PCHS 57-61
12/29 PVHS Girls' Basketball Schenck 33-28
1/15 PVHS Boys' Basketball Searsport 59-51
1/15 LA Boys' Basketball Penquis 61-38
1/6 LA Girls' Basletball George Stevens 14-44
Watch this scoreboard for all the local high school sports scores!


Team Overall Team Overall Team Overall
Girls' Basketball 3-8 Girls' Basketball 8-3 Girls' Basketball 0-10
Boys' Basketball 7-3 Boys' Basketball 5-4 Boys' Basketball 7-3

CLICK HERE for Heal point standings.

Cayden Spencer-Thompson competes at Dartmouth

MA's Cayden Spencer-Thompson competed at the Dartmouth Relays Collegiate and Open Meet at Dartmouth College. He finished second overall in the Men's Triple Jump at his first meet of the season with a Maine All-Time #2 HS indoor jump of 46'-6.25". Thompson was the youngest competitor in this event. His effort of 46'-6.25" currently ranks him US#4 HS junior in the United States. Congratulations Cayden!


Stay safe on the trails!

For a copy of the Lincoln area snowmobile trail map, CLICK HERE.

Lady Lynx lose to Calais by 14

December 20 - The Lady Lynx hosted the Calais Blue Devils tonight at the MA gym. MA led at the end of the first quarter 14-11, and at the half 29-26, but their lead slipped away in the second half. Calais outscored the Lynx in the third to finish the quarter ahead 46-35. When the final buzzer sounded, Calais earned the win, 60-46. For a photo slideshow, CLICK HERE.

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