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Lions sign Matt Mulligan

April 4 - Lincoln's own Matt Mulligan has been signed by the Detroit Lions! Matt has played for a number of NFL teams, including the New England Patriots. CLICK HERE for more details.

MJHS wrestlers take state championship

We love to report on local sports here on, and it's our pleasure to feature an article written by a proud parent about the MJHS wrestling team. Congratulations Little Lynx on your state championship as a team, and your individual accomplishments as well. We wish you all success in the future!

By Sarah Sutherland

Seven years ago, my husband Josh decided he wanted to change wrestling in Lincoln. When he was in high school he always wished he had a team like Howland that would dominate and win state championships. Seven years ago he decided he would do everything in his power to make a team like that for his son to be on. Not focusing on being an individual winner, because Lincoln has had several of those, but a winning team.

It is kind of ironic that today the coach of that winning Howland team was inducted into the New England Wrestling Hall of Fame (Gerald Hutchinson - congrats to him!), the same day that Lincoln won their first ever state championship for wrestling.

So seven summers ago we had the first ever Little Lynx Wrestling Club sign up. That summer program rolled over into a winter program that continued to grow through the Rec. Eventually the club turned private for a number of reasons, and the intensity has only increased since then. All winter, every winter, we have put thousands and thousands of miles on our vehicles, logged hundreds of driving and bleachers hours (lots of white knuckle driving hours in the dead of winter), the kids have had blood sweat and tears weekend in and weekend out (and during the week at practice too). Parents and wrestlers alike have devoted themselves to this sport to make today a possibility.

We are the northernmost traveling team, adding several hours more onto each trip than our competitors. This just makes what we do even more of a commitment and makes the kids even tougher! I really can't even explain the feeling I have had all evening.

I'm proud of my son Jackson for his part in all of this. He is the first individual state champion for MJHS. He has also been a leader for so many years during the Little Lynx program. I am proud of my husband for his part in all of this. He has had a vision and has been chasing it for years. He has had practices in the living room and in the basement with any kid who wants to put a little extra time in. He has spent thousands of hours reviewing videos, brackets, and technique online. He has always put travel requirements out for the Little Lynx team with today in mind, trying to get tougher competition for the kids to make them rise up to the level of other teams in New England.

I am thankful for coach Bob and his commitment to wrestling in Lincoln. It's funny that Josh's MJHS coach is also Jackson's. Coach Bob has been there since we started the Little Lynx program and has been there every step of the way. I am glad to have Matt and all of his wrestling knowledge on board with the Lincoln program. Hopefully this success will start to trickle into the high school program soon! I am thankful for all the parents who have trusted Josh to teach their kids and whose kids are the future of wrestling in Lincoln. I am proud of all the wrestlers on the MJHS team. Without them, today wouldn't have been a success.

Seeing four Little Lynx wrestlers in the finals was the icing on the cake for the day. I am proud of Deegan, Isaac and Alex for their devotion and no quit attitude. These kids are the youngest ones on the team and are making big waves. This probably seems a little over the top for a junior high team win but I hope it is the first of many for this team. Lincoln is definitely not known for their wrestling teams, but the future is bright and we hope to change things! Proud really is an understatement.
Thanks to all those who have supported this cause over the years, all those who came out this evening to welcome these state champs back into town with their fire/police/ambulance escort, and to Bill, Elvia and Gina for making ice cream sundaes for kids when they got back to the school. They were all on cloud nine!!! What a day!

Jackson Sutherland


MA girls' soccer team earns good sportsmanship banner!

MA golf team wins at States!


October 9 - Congratulations to Coach Libby and the M.A. Lynx golfers, who went to Vassalboro to compete in the team State Championships and won! This is MA's first team state championship in 15 years!

Matt Mulligan

Matt Mulligan has made the final cut with the Buffalo Bills!

MA sports trophies find new home

July 17 - Thanks to the efforts of several area sports history enthusiasts, many of the trophies that had been removed from the display cases at Mattanawcook Academy in 2012 have now found a new home.

Last winter, our sports photographer (and Lincoln Historical Society member), Lee Rand, noticed that many of the sports trophies and awards were no longer on display in the lobby at the high school. After discussing this with Principal Hentry Pietras, Lee contacted Dottie Harding of the LHS, and they, along with George King, went up to the high school to see the items that were put in storage. Mr. Pietras was very cooperative and supported the efforts of the LHS in finding a place that the items could be displayed to the public.

The LHS had just built a new building in School House Park on West Broadway called the School Room, and it was decided that the trophies and plaques, etc., could be displayed there. They are now on display (some pictured here) and we encourage all you history buffs, especially sports history buffs), to visit the School Room.

And while you're at it, take advantage of the opportunity to visit Lincoln's Little Red Schoolhouse, also located in the park, and the museum across the street from the park on West Broadway.

For those of you willing to share some of your time and expertise to help keep Lincoln's history alive, contact President Dottie Harding on Facebook at Volunteers are much needed right now!

Lincoln's School House Park with the new "School Room" building on the right.

1000-point club



MA's Brady Vose hit his 1000th point with a free throw at Lee Academy in February 2009

January 10, 2010 - Making one thousand points in a four-year high school basketball career isn't easy - only four Mattanawcook Academy players have done so in the school's history. One of those did it in only three years! Lynx standout Brady Vose scored his 1000th point in only three seasons, with a foul shot at Lee Academy (pictured here) on February 6th of last year.
His name has been added to the 1000-Point banner hanging in the M.A. gym. Next week, with his two coaches present - Ryan Libby and Rick Sinclair- he will be honored at halftime of the John Bapst/M.A. boys' game.
Pictured here are the game balls for each of the four M.A. 1000-Pointers: Kelly Walcott, Curtis Robertson, Derek Libbey, and Brady Vose. They're in the trophy case in the lobby of Mattanawcook Academy. Who will be the next Lynx player to score a thousand career points?Who will join Kelly as the second Lady Lynx player to hit that mark? Only the future knows, but someone will do it, and it might be a current player coming up from the junior high or a player already on the M.A. varsity or JV teams.
Until it happens again, I invite you all to attend these exciting games up at the high school every year. Support your local teams (in all sports), and one day you'll see local sports history made - again.
- Lee Rand



Penobscot Valley High School in Howland also has some 1,000-point scorers. Here's the banner hanging in the PVHS gym.

Oldest Player

At 89, oldest living LA bb player living in Lincoln
UPDATE: Hilda Crocker Stockley passed away on November 10, 2013 at the age of 91. She will be missed by all who knew her.
In 2007 the Lee Academy girls' basketball team coached by Ron Weatherbee had just won the Eastern Class D and State Class D girls' basketball championships! What a team - what a tournament. In 2008, Ron took his LA girls to the state championship again. This time in Class C!
To a smalltown girl born in "Crockertown", playing basketball was fun, but that was about it. State championships and all the excitement and hoopla we have today just wasn't there back in the early 1930's. In fact, the girls' game of basketball was played slightly differently back then. They had six players on the court at a time for one thing! Average team scores of 50 points or so were quite common, too. This young lady enjoyed the game enough to walk home - three miles - after school, walk back to school for practice, and then walk home again afterward!! Hmmm..... She played on the Lee Academy team all four of her high school years, and graduated in 1939. They never went to a tournament. "But, it was such fun!" After high school she actually played for a while for a Lincoln post-grad team made up of MA alumni even though she was a Lee Academy grad! Here's a photo of the 1936-37 Lee Academy team. And the lady, then a sophomore, we're talking about is the first girl on the left in the back row:
One other member of this team is still alive today, but she's six months younger than our subject. They were the "pioneers" 70 or so years ago...... How would that team compare to the teams of today? No comparison can be made. And, that's good because that world and game no longer exits. Ah, but the memories will always be there, passed down through the years to those girls' children and families and so on. Maybe someday I can do a story on how girls' high school basketball used to be played. We'll see..... Of further interest, is the fact that senior foward Dana Houghton from this year's squad is a distant relative! Small world - small town! Our girl didn't go too far away, actually. Her son lives in Chester with his wife and children, and her daughter lives in Lincoln with her husband. She still likes basketball, and, follows the Lady Pandas through the season. In fact we caught her at several games this season, this one in Lee last January:
That's her with the white coat enjoying the game with her niece Carol Marino and sister-in-law Kay Crocker. The Pandas won that game,btw! Will she be watching this year's LA team go for another state championship trophy? "Of course, I'll be watching the game on television. This is so exciting - I wouldn't miss it!" So, who is the oldest living former Lee Academy girls' basketball player? Oh, I didn't mention that I know her did I? Yup, I do. She's my mother-in-law, Hilda Crocker Stockley, Connie and Alan's mother. Now, I betcha you didn't know that! - Lee Rand (copyright 2008)

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